The quick guide to contributing to

Artist: Liam Cobb is an important resource for the Ethereum community and the portal to Ethereum that anyone can contribute to. It is public and open-source, meaning that the content and development of the site is community-driven.

With millions of visits each month (around 2.7 million in May 2021), it acts as an entry point to Ethereum for a significant number of people, as well as an educational resource for the general community.

In order to remain trustworthy and relevant, the site needs to keep growing and evolving along with the fast-changing world of cryptocurrencies and ever-increasing development of Ethereum. To do so, it largely depends on community input and open-source contributions.

Everyone can create and add content, edit the site, work on open issues, fix bugs or request new features. Additionally, bilinguals can also participate in the translation program by helping to translate the website and making it accessible to everyone.

Contributing to gives community members an opportunity to have a meaningful impact in the space, as well as help grow the ecosystem and provide educational material for everyone. Moreover, contributing to open-source is an incredible way of learning new skills or developing existing ones.

Getting involved is a great way to learn more about Ethereum, stay in touch with the latest developments or simply connect with others. It is also an effective method of improving your job prospects and career development.

If you are passionate about Ethereum, there are a number of ways you can use some of your skills to support its community and help improve You can find some specifics on how to get started below.

Contributing to aims to be ‘’the best portal for Ethereum’s growing community’’ and is constantly changing and evolving. The website helps inform new users and guide them to reliable products and services, acts as an educational resource on Ethereum and some of its key features, and helps developers to start building on Ethereum.

There are several ways to contribute and help improve How to start:

  1. Visit Contributing to
  2. Read through the page to make sure you understand how you can contribute, how to work on the site and how decisions about the site are made.
  3. Decide how you want to get involved. There is a list of ways to contribute on the Contributing page.
  4. Communicate with the team. Anyone can propose any changes they want, however the best first step is always to communicate your intentions to the team. They would love to hear your input and plans, and might be able to offer some immediate support. The best channel for communicating with the team is the Discord.
Artist: William Tempest

Brief overview of ways to contribute to the site:

Working on open issues

There are a number of open issues that the community has already identified and need to be worked on. This can include anything from suggestions for new content or changes to existing content on the site, keeping the information up to date, adding information about a specific topic, fixing bugs and more.

An important step before proceeding is to familiarize yourself with’s vision and design principles, to make sure that any improvement you are trying to make to the site is in line with its vision and consistent with the existing content.

  1. Vision —’s mission, purpose and core principles. Make sure you are familiar with what the content on the site is intended for and how visitors will be interacting with it.
  2. Design principles — Get a sense of how the website should look and feel. If you are planning on contributing to in any way, you will want to make sure that your contributions are in line with these design principles.

Once you are ready to contribute, simply visit the repository on GitHub. At the bottom of the repository, you will find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to contribute. Follow them and make amazing changes to

Creating, adding or editing content

Ethereum and its broader ecosystem are constantly changing and evolving, requiring constant development of the content. also tries to feature the best educational resources, as well as the latest and most relevant tools, exchanges and products, such as dapps or wallets. This means that the website requires constant revisions and improvements.

Here are some key ways anyone can help improve

- Add an article that fits the criteria (up to date, accurate, credible, etc.) and could improve a certain page.

- Add a product, such as a dapp or wallet, that fulfills the requirements and has not been listed yet.

- Add a developer tool, such as an educational resource, tool or tutorial, to help developers build on Ethereum.

- Add an exchange that is not listed on to the ‘Get ETH’ page yet.

Whatever your ideas and plans might be, it is always good to start off by visiting the Discord and communicate your intentions in the relevant channel. This is beneficial for everyone — you are letting the team know what you are planning to work on and providing them the with valuable feedback at the same time.

On the other hand, you can easily get some answers to potential questions you might have and advice on how to proceed. Don’t hesitate to join, the community is very welcoming and open to everyone.

The translation program

The Ethereum community is truly global and borderless. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the website is accessible to everyone, regardless of their nationality. Translations in Crowdin.

The translation program is an initiative to translate the website into as many different languages as possible. Hundreds of community members have already contributed by helping to translate the website contents on Crowdin and the community is currently actively working on translating into 40+ different languages.

It is also important to note that no prior translation or linguistic experience is necessary to get involved. If you have a working knowledge of Ethereum and the blockchain space in general, and are bilingual, you can make an instant impact by helping to translate the website into your language and growing the Ethereum community.

Participating in the translation program:

  1. Visit Crowdin and join Translations. You will need to sign up to Crowdin or sign in to your existing account.
  2. Find your language and open the language page.
  3. Scroll down to the first untranslated file with less than 100% progress and open it.
  4. You can now start translating the website! Submitting your translation is as simple as typing in the ‘’Enter translation here’’ field and clicking Save.

You can also visit Crowdin instructions if you require any additional information about using Crowdin.

If you have joined the project on Crowdin and are unable to see your language, you can open an issue on GitHub and request its addition, or simply leave a message on Discord mentioning which language you would like to add.

Aside from the website, community members are also translating the Eth2 launchpad. The aim of the launchpad translation initiative is to provide the launchpad in as many different languages as possible in order to allow people from all over the world to become validators in the Ethereum 2.0 proof-of-stake system, leading to a more decentralized network of validators.

If you are bilingual, you can provide a valuable service to the Ethereum ecosystem by helping to translate into your native language and making it accessible to Ethereum’s global community.

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Why contribute?

Open-source projects are becoming increasingly more popular and important. There are several benefits for contributing to the development of

Personal satisfaction

If you are still reading, chances are you are excited about Ethereum and would like to play a role within the ecosystem. is an important educational resource for the community and entry point to Ethereum for many users. Therefore, it is important that it remains relevant and reliable, as well as keeps on improving.

By contributing to the website, community members can play an essential role in the ecosystem. Their contributions are helping to provide the community with an extensive and trustworthy source of information, as well as create a safe onboarding portal for new users.

Contributing to Ethereum in any capacity is a great way of giving something back to the project and community you feel so connected with!

Job prospects

According to the 2020 FOSS contributors survey, ‘’56.12% of the respondents said that involvement in FOSS projects was moderately important, very important, or extremely important in getting their current job. Similarly, 54.82% believed that their participation in FOSS projects has positively impacted their salary or job prospects.’’

Open-source contributions are clearly becoming more important to employers, as they provide them with a simple way of learning about and verifying some of their applicants’ experience and skills. Furthermore, developers or other contributors can increase their reputation and recognition within the community, as well as possibly make some useful connections along the way.

Translators can also benefit from participating in the translation program to help boost their careers. The program offers an opportunity for less experienced translators to gain some valuable experience and credibility, while more experienced translators can use it as a reference or an opportunity to add a field of expertise.


Contributing to is an excellent way of learning more about Ethereum from different aspects. The amount of content on the site and the number of topics it covers means that community members can contribute to an abundance of resources.

If you have an idea on how to improve a page or article, you have likely read it and are familiar with its contents in the first place. The more you contribute, the more content you are exposing yourself to and learning about Ethereum at the same time. Additionally, the website is simply an excellent resource for everyone to find educational material.

Aside from learning about Ethereum, contributing to open-source also provides everyone with an opportunity to learn new skills or improve their existing ones and gain some valid and verifiable experience.

Artist: William Tempest

Contributing to open-source is beneficial for everyone. By contributing to in any way, community members can help drive the portal forward and play an important role in the Ethereum community. Any contribution is highly appreciated, including simply providing feedback or ideas.

Community is at the essence of Ethereum — it drives the continual development of new dapps within the ecosystem, as well as the direction in which the underlying technology is evolving. It provides the basis on which Ethereum is built and the largest vehicle for its growth.

As community members, we can all give something back to this wonderful technology that we are passionate about. Anyone can find their own way of getting involved and providing value for the ecosystem — contributing to is just one of them. You can find some more ideas in the How can I get involved section of the Community page.

More detailed information about contributing to can be found on the website and it is best to start by familiarizing yourself with the vision, design principles and guidelines for contributors. For specific questions, the best place to go is the Discord.

At this point, you should be ready to contribute and help make some amazing changes to the site.

Let’s go and contribute to open-source!